Startup India is doing exemplary job by globalizing startups while providing funding and networking. The masterclass with , head of Startup India at Invest India explicitly explains the incentives, initiatives, funding, success stories, idea generation and much more by Startup India. 

 Deep Tech start-ups in blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and mobility are quickly changing the face of Indian economy. These start-ups are helping in image makeover of Indian start-up ecosystem. Ashwin Rajaraman, founder of #BharatInnovationFund in conversation with Aanchal Malhotra at FundTQ talks about his journey with investing in deep tech companies in India, his experience and level of transformation in tech start-ups.  

Bharat Innovation fund is a $100mn fund backed by CIIE (Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship) at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. It looks to invest in deep tech start-ups in India.


How technology is providing momentum in Public Private Partnership in Healthcare and Agriculture sector. Redefining future of India. Satyam Shivam Sundaram, a partner with Ernst and Young in Transaction Advisory Practice in conversation with Aanchal Malhotra at “FundTQ by Aanchal” Show where he discussed: 1- Overall Outlook after COVID in healthcare and agri domain especially from infrastructure side? 2- Policies likely to help Healthcare and Agri industries to boom after COVID? 3- Technology is disrupting Public Private Partnership in healthcare and Agriculture sector.  4- Opinion on government being open to adapting to such change in technology 6- Some suggestions to be adopted to bring a change in this new economy? 

How technology intervention helping startups in fund raising?

Are you going wary thinking about how technology intervention could help in fund raising? What level of technology is expected to raise capital from Investors?  In the upcoming #masterclass, Gireendra Kasmalkar highlights how technology is changing the startup ecosystem. Gireendra heads #PenthalonVentures and is a founder of #Ideas to Impact, one of its kind of accelerator program in Pune.

Learnings from Fluid Ventures and Marwari Catalysts during COVID

 Fundenture webinar series by FundTQ. It is a series to share learning from venture capitalists, angel networks and other investors. Our speakers were two different venture capitalist Amit Singal from Fluid Ventures and Sushil Sharma from Marwari Catalysts. Both shared their opinion on positive aspects of startup ecosystem.

Discussion of Aanchal Malhotra, CEO FundTQ with Steven Tong, Head of Foundry, Singapore Topics discussed such as Overall Outlook of startup ecosystem, Focus Industries during and after COVID?                  COVID impact on valuations and are VCs investing during this period Learning from startups which failed, Benefits of having a venture in Singapore Vs other countries in Asia?, USP of foundry over other accelerators?, Criteria for shortlisting by accelerator program, How to apply for Program.